How can automations benefit your business?

 Create systems in your business by taking the tasks you’re already doing and turning them into a process.

This course is designed to help you identify areas in your business that can be done more efficiently by creating solutions that work for you. This course does not recommend any particular products, however, it will teach you how to search for and evaluate products and solutions for your business.

Each module includes a content video, examples of how our sample businesses applied the concepts, and an activity helping you apply the idea to your own business. We’ve included PDF, Google Doc, and Google Forms versions of each activity so that you can fill them out on a computer, from your phone, or print them out and fill them out by hand.

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Meet the Author

Jessi Burg has spent her entire career in seasonal industries, so she brings a unique perspective to company organization. In 2017, she started Pears to Perennials, a landscaping maintenance company based in Denver. Over its five year history, Pears to Perennials has had near zero staff turnover and averages an 85% client retention rate. As she built her landscaping company, she discovered being a business owner amplified her voice - so she began advocating for the trades and seasonal businesses.

Jessi started teaching other companies her strategies after earning a reputation for meaningful staff engagement and a values-driven culture. As a small business owner, Jessi thrived on proving that you can make a profit while breaking down class barriers. Through Outgrow Your Garage, she is building on that advocacy work by teaching other trades companies how to grow while maintaining sustainability and equity.