Can I afford to hire?

One of the first steps in the hiring process is determining whether or not you can actually afford to hire!

Use the "Cost of Hiring" worksheet included in this FREE excerpt of our main course, Hiring Staff and Contractors, to guide you through pricing out a new hire.

Pricing Option

Meet the Author

Jessi Burg has spent her entire career in seasonal industries, so she brings a unique perspective to company organization. In 2017, she started Pears to Perennials, a landscaping maintenance company based in Denver. Over its five year history, Pears to Perennials has had near zero staff turnover and averages an 85% client retention rate. As she built her landscaping company, she discovered being a business owner amplified her voice - so she began advocating for the trades and seasonal businesses.

Jessi started teaching other companies her strategies after earning a reputation for meaningful staff engagement and a values-driven culture. As a small business owner, Jessi thrived on proving that you can make a profit while breaking down class barriers. Through Outgrow Your Garage, she is building on that advocacy work by teaching other trades companies how to grow while maintaining sustainability and equity.