What is a Project Gallery, and Why Do You Need It?

One of our favorite questions from service providers is, "Do I really need a project gallery?"

The answer is yes! Why, you ask? There are a few reasons that a project gallery is one of the most important tools in your sales kit. Take our FREE course to find out why!

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  How to Create a Project Gallery
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Meet the Author

Jessi Burg has spent her entire career in seasonal industries, so she brings a unique perspective to company organization. In 2017, she started Pears to Perennials, a landscaping maintenance company based in Denver. Over its five year history, Pears to Perennials has had near zero staff turnover and averages an 85% client retention rate. As she built her landscaping company, she discovered being a business owner amplified her voice - so she began advocating for the trades and seasonal businesses.

Jessi started teaching other companies her strategies after earning a reputation for meaningful staff engagement and a values-driven culture. As a small business owner, Jessi thrived on proving that you can make a profit while breaking down class barriers. Through Outgrow Your Garage, she is building on that advocacy work by teaching other trades companies how to grow while maintaining sustainability and equity.