Introduction to Client Communication

During this course, we’ll cover the importance of efficient communication, using templates to automate your sales process, and how to make a lasting impression once the job is complete. Each module covers a specific topic regarding client communication. We put them in the order we think works best, but you can skip around however you’d like.

Each module will have the following:

  • Video presentation with voice over and subtitle option
  • Written and audio transcript of presentation
  • Sample business videos applying the lessons from each module
  • Three versions of activity worksheets for you to choose from (PDF, Word Doc, Google Form)

Feel free to print our PDF version of the activity worksheets to fill out and keep for your records. The second version is a Word Document that you can fill out on the document itself. The third version is a Google Form, which you can fill out online and receive a virtual copy of your answers via email.

In the last part of this course, you will find the "Sample Business Videos" section. This contains short Doodly animations of our sample businesses demonstrating their processes with client communication.

Audiofile: C.C. Introduction Audio.mp3

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